First Apartment Checklist

Design, Website Oct 2013

First Apartment Checklist is one of my personal projects / side business experiments. It is a website targeted at people moving into their first apartment. The website offers them a printable checklist, listing every essential item needed for a first apartment. It also offers tips and articles about decorating, moving, renting and other apartment related stuff.

Background Story Of ‘First Apartment Checklist’

I got inspired by the concept of ‘niche sites’, websites that are targeted at specific search keywords. By optimizing these site for a specific keyword and perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on them, you can get get those sites to rank on the first page of Google for that specific keyword. This will drive a lot of traffic to the site. If you then place ads or affiliate links next to (or within) your content, you could earn a nice side income. If you want to know more about niche sites, this site offers a very good resource.

Creating a niche site is not as easy as it sounds though, your site has to have a reasonable size to get high in the rankings for instance. And even more important: it has to offer a real value to the user, so quality content is the top priority. Knowing that it wasn’t easy, I wanted to try and build a niche website myself. So I created, obviously targeted at the keyword ‘First Apartment Checklist.’

A Work in Progress

The website is still ‘work in progress’. At the moment I’m ranking on the 18th spot (which is the second page) of the google results for my primary keyword. My goal is to reach the first page and eventually the top 3. It’s going to take a good SEO / link building campaign to reach this spot, but I love a good challenge. It’s a good opportunity to improve my SEO and content marketing skills.

From time to time, I’ll post updates on the project here.

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