Greenpeace – ‘Share Your Green Piece’

Editing, Visual Effects Apr 2011

‘Share Your Green Piece’ is a short inspirational film for international NGO Greenpeace. The central message of this film is that everyone has got a ‘green’ piece in them. By sharing these green pieces, we can make a better world. We visualised this by having people release green spheres, together forming the logo of Greenpeace in the sky.

I worked on this project as an editor and visual effects artist.


Director: Justin Knaven
Producer: Joric Kerstens
DOP: Jaap Van Den Biesen
Editor & VFX Artist: Nick Vinken
Music: Sten Knaven

Produced by Provibe Media
Post production & Visual Effects by FINCH

*** Winner of the Dutch Greenbusters Award ***

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